…a modern-day guide to the imaginary landscape of graphic storytelling…” – Forbes

…aims to be the ‘Green Book’ of comics & inspire a new generation” – SyFy

“”…a megaphone, a booming voice that wants to get everyone’s attention focused on what the Black community is doing in comics.”The Beat

Joseph Illidge is the Executive Editor for Heavy Metal, the leading illustrated magazine and company for science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Joseph’s first job in the comic book industry was at Milestone Media, Inc., the groundbreaking publisher responsible for the popular teen hero “Static”. The first editor of color for DC Comics’ Batman franchise, Joseph is the founder of Illuminous, LLC and is co-producing the film “Xerø” with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Film and Television, writer Christopher Priest, and Color Farm Media.

George Carmona 3rd is a New York-based writer and artist, in addition to being a former Milestone Media, Inc. intern, former DC Comics paper pusher, and lifelong comic geek. He is a contributing writer on comics and nerd culture for websites like BlackSci-fi.com, Comics Beat, Graphic Policy, and Narazu.com as well as having written for StarTrek.com, The Amsterdam News, and ForAllNerds.com. He is also the author of the DC Super Friends Joke Book from Penguin Random House.

Dimitrios Fragiskatos is the owner and operator of Anyone Comics in Brooklyn and Everyone Comics & Books in Long Island City, Queens. He is also the author of Millennials: You Are Special. As a lifelong comic book fan, he is honored to work on this project with Milestone Media veterans. The fact that there are so many more pages including a 33% increase in Black owned comic book stores is probably the most exciting thing he’s seen from the industry this year! His pull list contains Static Season One, X-men, Nice House on the Lake, and Basilisk and he’s excited for Blood Syndicate, and X-men Red.