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Joseph Illidge is the Executive Editor for Heavy Metal, the seminal illustrated magazine and company for science fiction, fantasy, and horror. In his career, Joseph served as an editor on the Batman line of comic books for DC Entertainment, Executive Editor for Valiant Entertainment, and Senior Editor for Lion Forge Comics where he spearheaded “Catalyst Prime”, the multicultural superhero comic book imprint. Joseph’s first job in the comic book industry was at Milestone Media, Inc., the groundbreaking comic book publisher of inclusive superhero stories and creators of the award-winning animated series “Static Shock” from Warner Bros. His upcoming graphic novel “MPLS SOUND” featuring Prince debuts April 2021 from Humanoids and Simon & Schuster

George Carmona 3rd is a New York based writer and artist, in addition to being a former Milestone Media Intern, former DC Comics paper pusher, and lifelong comic geek. He is a contributing writer on comics and nerd culture for websites like BlackSci-fi.com, Comics Beat, Graphic Policy, and Narazu.com as well as having written for StarTrek.com, The Amsterdam News, and ForAllNerds.com. He is also the author of the DC Super Friends Joke Book from Penguin Random House. 

Dimitrios Fragiskatos has pledged his life to comic books. Starting as an avid reader in the Bronx, he worked his way to manager at the premier comic retailer before opening up his own store, Anyone Comics. He is also the author of comics like Greasers in Greece, and Millennials: You Are Special. He has a special place in his heart, and in his store, for indie comic creators.

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